E-Commerce AI Solutions

E-comm never had it so good.  Here you’ll find ways to automate every e-commerce related task you deal with on a day to day, task to task basis.

Our story Creating intelligent solutions with AI

Ever since AI graced us, most heavily in 2023, our end game was to not only use it, but help others use it that have no idea where to start.

Our Mission

To simplify AI integration with your e-commerce or website based on what it is you'd like to accomplish. All without you having to learn anything from your end.

Our Vision

To make AI solutions easy. Once we've set it up for you, the solution is in place especially for those with no prior experience with AI or programming.

Why Choose E-HAB ?

We believe that AI has the potential to make the world a better place, and we are committed to making AI solutions accessible and simple for everyone.

DFY Integration

At E-HAB, we'll integrate any of the tools available here that you'd like. Scale as you go with maybe one or two solutions.

New AI Tech

Here at E-HAB, we're constantly adding, improving and creating custom ways to solve and help you get back to what it is you do best.


DFY task automation can help you automate, reduce costs, improve customer experience, scale your business and much more.

100% Secured

We care about our clients, period. We have taken every safety precaution when it comes to your site and your automation tasks.

What kind of solutions are thereTo choose from

These are but a mere handful of solutions we have helped others attain.  Keep in mind, we can custom program any idea that utilizes AI in any capacity when it comes to your store/site.


Any tedious tasks that you find yourself having to repeat can be automated.  As far as what types of things to automate, that’s entirely up to you.  Contact us if you have something specific in mind.  Most people like help in using automation in generating leads and performing day to day tasks with their social media accounts and site in general.


There are a lot of things one can be doing to increase their presence using SEO automation tools, such as getting others to follow you, like & subscribe to your various channels, even sharing your site and content with others.  This of course includes building links back to your site from high DA/PA sources that bring your site to the top and you guessed it, all automated.


Content is indeed king.  Everyone knows that there are ways to create images and content using GPT, Bard, Dal-E etc.  But how about entire websites?  We offer a solution where you can have a site created for you with just a few simple pieces of input from your end and within a minute an entire site is created.  Of course we can tweak anything to your specifications after it’s been generated so you’re sure to get exactly what you’re after.  We can even do this with video.

Unlock the Potential of AI and Automation with E-HAB

It’s time to take the next step.  AI can be intimidating. That said, don’t let it intimidate you.  Let us stay on top of the ever changing AI field and keep your e-commerce store or website moving along with the AI trends that your competitors are using or will be using in the very near future.